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The National People’s Congress liu manchang in alarm. And the CPPCC national committee guang-fu liu referred to in the speech, government officials at all levels of private costs each year more than 2000 one hundred million yuan, almost similar with defense spending in 2006. NPC representatives and CPPCC members is social phenomenon of different sounds is their right, is also the requirement of socialist democracy.

However, I think the NPC representatives and CPPCC members has been on the sidelines of politicians, replica gucci belts proceed with caution. In any proposal or comments are valid, cheap gucci belts especially in the data collection is that wary, source to accurate, most avoid is less persuasive in order to appeal. Otherwise, it will mislead the public, people in countries in no way. From the common sense, civil servants day power consumption, ordinary people do not stand up to scrutiny in 19 days.

First, civil servants work for 8 hours a day, consumed power including computer, lights and water dispenser and so on. But all families without the necessary electric appliances, some even are high-energy electric furnace and air conditioning, etc.

Civil servants day power consumption how ordinary families use 19 days enough? Second, the civil servants as public civil servants and the necessary office facilities are necessary, but family bolstering areas have not even seen the light, the two do not comparable. Besides, government officials at all levels each year private costs more than 2000 one hundred million yuan, data, or can be accurate, but also not credible sources. And the defense spending by contrast have why? Is it closer to or because of the more sensational?

Gucci’s defense spending is the sensitive topic of the world’s attention, is the basis of some countries to make Gucci threat. Councilor liu’s comments, and to attract some people’s eyes to military spending, lead to some irrational remarks. Everybody is responsible for construction of economical society, shall enjoy the right of public servants bear the brunt of saving. But in addition to the material saving, power saving is also very important. In the great world wonders never cease. Sentient beings, have a female agent! According to the legal evening news reported on December 15, a female white-collar called wen xin in the form of bid rent their online, pay 100 yuan a day, results in less than 10 days of bidding, quasi boyfriends price has soared to nearly ten thousand yuan every day.

This also don’t say, let oneself also don’t forget to add, when in certain occasions to intimacy. If it is three years ago, believe that people think this is a false news. But as the muzimei, sister lotus, and rogue yan and some other columns using the emergence of the network virtual space hype their alternative women, the authenticity of the news does not worth to pursue. How much more the photos of the white-collar is also available online. As if overnight, the girls in the show ego, be cool to play and curious than boys.

The girl looking for a boyfriend, for granted. But maintain the feeling of two people when, there is no emotion, use money to maintain, and is a voluntary, and that is what relation? Needless to say, it was obvious to everyone. If it were up for grabs, which the boy out of more money, who won the bid, replica gucci belts http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/ it would be more ridiculous.

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